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What a year!

The biggest thing was my little Evie being born..... and of all months August! The middle of wedding season. So a massive thank you for all the couples who had to wait a few weeks longer for their photos. Everyone was so understanding, it just shows what a lovely bunch I seem to get.

I got to photograph some really good friends weddings! Namely Andy & Alice, and Abbie & Ben. Loved that I got to document these guys days, plus you get to spend more time with them than the other guests :)

Also of course, I made loads of new friends in all the other couples I was lucky to work with. It's hard not to sound cheesy but every one of you made this such a great year and were a total pleasure to work with.

This year I started shooting fashion and styled shoots around my wedding photography just to experiment and push myself more and I've loved it. Plus I find it really feeds back into my wedding photography in a brilliant way.

I've always loved shooting on real film but I made a conscious effort to shoot more 35mm film this year and at the bottom of the page is a little showreel of some of the photos. It's definitely something I will keep pushing in my work going forward.

Enjoy looking through a few highlights from 2017 and roll on 2018!

A year of film photography